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Getting your swing right is crucial to living your dream. Whether you're a baseball or softball player still learning to play, or among the elite in the game but are still driven to keep improving the mechanics of your swing, studying and practicing your swing with the help of Swinguru 3D is a must.

Every baseball or softball swing is as unique as the player themselves - but your every swing should follow the proper bio-mechanic sequence, starting from the stance, all the way through to the extension or finish – yet infused with your own style.

Knowing your weaknesses and strengths, visually and in numbers, is essential to becoming smarter and understanding and improving your swing faster, as well as more easily and effectively. Regardless of your age or level of expertise, all baseball and softball players benefit from using Swinguru as part of their training and personal development.

When setting up your profile on Swinguru so that they can save your swing statistics and swing videos, your Team Coach or Academy Instructor has the option to automatically set up your free online account on the Swinguru Hitting Academy* (*kids 12 and under must have their parent's permission to set up a profile – see the FAQ's for more information).

You can then access the Academy and your saved swings and much more from any browser-based device including your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac computer.

With your Free Swinguru Hitting Academy account, you can:

  • Access any recorded swings uploaded to your profile so you can learn from your Swinguru training sessions even after practice is over.
  • Watch and learn from video + audio lessons uploaded by your Team Coach or Academy Instructor.
  • Access swing statistics from all your captured swings, regardless of whether the swing videos were saved and uploaded to the Academy.
  • Your swing statistics will be automatically updated each time your Team Coach or Academy Instructor uploads your most recent saved Swing Videos to the Academy.
  • Track your progress over time by comparing your current statistics to your overall average or trend.
  • Publish and share your swing videos and/or swing statistics to impress your friends through your favorite social media* (*kids 12 and under must have their parent's permission to publish any information to their social media accounts – see the FAQ's for more information).
  • Get Recruited using our Free Scouting Profile to promote your best swing videos and statistics to your favorite Travel Teams, Schools and Universities - even the Pros! Live your Dream!
  • Players can access free training content on how to use the Swinguru products.
  • Coaches and Academy Instructors can access free training content on coaching with Swinguru.
  • Coaches and Academy Instructors can access their Players Lockers to upload their saved Swing videos and Swing Statistics as well as recorded video + audio Lessons.
  • Promote Swinguru to your Team Coach, Academy Instructor or your friends from your Profile.
  • Check our Leaderboard to see your standings in national ranking of player swing statistics* (*future feature).
  • Check our News to learn about new features and product releases from Swinguru.

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