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With your Swinguru Academy account, you can:

  • Access any recorded swing uploaded to your profile, prolonging the learning experience after the session is over;
  • Watch and learn from videos (incl. comments and audio) uploaded by your coach or academy instructor.
  • Access all of your swing statistics, including those from lessons with your coach or academy instructor;
  • Track your progress over time by comparing your statistics against your overall average or trend, using the skill tracker;
  • Review your swing diagnostics and check performance for all swing characteristics;
  • Access professional free training content (fault explanation & swing drills);
  • Publish and share on social media your swing videos and statistics with your coach, recruiter, friends, and family;
  • Get recruited by promoting your best swing videos and statistics to your favorite Schools and Universities - even the Pros;
  • Leave comments and discuss your swings, using our instant messaging system;
  • Easily import list of Athletes in the Swinguru app;
  • Manage your profile (for coach and players);
  • Access the latest news from Swinguru to learn more about our new features and product releases.